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Turtling Syndrome

Turtling syndrome is one of the most disheartening conditions that men face when the fat skin tissue starts to fold over the penis, making it look much smaller than the average size. As a result, it lowers people’s self-esteem, negatively impacting the overall quality of their lives. 

Turtling syndrome is also known as buried penis, inverted penis, retracted penis, or hidden penis. Some people suffer from this condition from birth, others start to suffer in their adulthood. A buried penis is different from a micropenis as in the latter condition the penis is smaller than nearly 2 inches. 

However, regardless of the reason or condition you have with your sexual health, Limitless TRT & Aesthetics is here to help with our minimally invasive non-surgical treatment process. We have the most experienced and skilled experts to conduct the process with the ultimate safety and guidance. 

The Reasons That Cause Turtling Syndrome

There are several reasons responsible for Turtling syndrome. Although a few people who are born with a buried penis are considered acquired, others experience the same in their adulthood, and both have reasons behind it. For men living with this condition, it can be embarrassing and prevent them from having a normal sex life.

Many men discover that with a little bit of research coupled with non-invasive medical treatment solutions, they can overcome the effects of turtling syndrome. Limitless TRT & Aesthetics has several different treatment solutions that can help men living with this condition.

Here are some of the reasons behind Turtling syndrome:

Excessive Fat Tissues

According to most reports, the most common reason behind a buried penis is often linked to obesity. When people have excess fat tissue in their pubic area or above the penis area, this fat pad can cover the penile shaft, making it look much smaller than it actually is. In this case, a simple weight loss may resolve the issue. 

Exercise is a great way to shed unwanted fat tissues and shrink the skin around the pubic area. Some men find that by walking or riding a mountain bike, they can see the results of weight loss in little as a month.

Inflammation of Genital Skin

Sometimes, inflammation of your genital skin may lead to a buried penis. For example, if the penis’s head is chronically inflamed by balanitis xerotica obliterans, it makes the head of the penis tunnel under the skin which leads to a buried penis condition. In such cases, you should consult a doctor for a resolution. 

You can consult with your primary healthcare physician or come see us at Limitless TRT & Aesthetics. Either way, inflammation of the genital skin is a serious condition and very uncomfortable; therefore, you should take the necessary health steps for a solution.

Congenital Causes

Sometimes congenital causes such as a webbed penis or weak penile ligaments may lead to Turtling syndrome or a buried penis. The webbed penis is basically a condition where the scrotum’s skin directly attaches to the penile shaft’s skin leading to the Turtling syndrome, whereas a weak penile ligament is a dysgenic dartos disorder. 

While some conditions of Turtling syndrome are hereditary, some are caused by poor health and aging. Regardless of the reason, Turtling syndrome can cause men to feel embarrassed and leads to many relationship problems.

There are more reasons that cause Turtling syndrome but the reasons above are the most popular. If you are living with a buried penis and suffering from low self-esteem, Limitless TRT & Aesthetics can help you with a variety of ED solutions.

Problems You May Face With Turtling Syndrome

Turtling syndrome or buried penis doesn’t only lower the self-esteem of men but also it comes with several physical complications. It can cause men to be lazy and not want to take part in family or social events such as volleyball, softball, and biking. Additionally, it can be a nightmare for men endeavoring with new relationships.

Here are some of the health conditions you may face when living with Turtling syndrome: 

These are some of the reasons why we have come up with a unique solution to help all men suffering from Turtling syndrome to live a complete and satisfied life without any worries. Here at Limitless TRT & Aesthetics, we have the experts and equipment to treat non-surgically and permanently heal these conditions. 

How We Can Help?

Limitless TRT & Aesthetics is a male enhancement and testosterone replacement clinic in Gilbert, Arizona, where we offer permanent male enhancement as well as low testosterone treatment to help men live a stress-free life. After all, having the physical ability to satisfy their partner is the basic desire of every man. 

Although there are other surgical and instant processes available to treat any sexual disorder, there are side effects attached to them. However, the treatment that we offer is clinically safe and there are no side effects attached to it. After treatment, you can enjoy a better life with no shame or physical disabilities attached to your sexual health. 

To know more about the wide range of services offered by our experts and to help us move toward your goal, contact us today. We have various treatment options available for every individual living with Turtling syndrome. 

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