overweight impact on erectile dysfunction

The Impact of Being Overweight and Erectile Dysfunction

There are many things that can impact men as they age with erectile dysfunction, especially middle-aged men. With more and more men becoming more sexally active as they age, sexual performance is always at the forefront. Many men ask themselves, do I need focused shock wave therapy?

Since there are several contributing factors to erectile dysfunction, men in Arizona can find relief with Gilbert sexual performance therapy. Some of these factors include smoking, increased age, and obesity; albeit obesity is a clear indicator for erectile dysfunction, the exact nature is still ambiguous and due to many compounding factors.

To discover more about being overweight with erectile dysfunction, acoustic shock wave therapy, and shock wave therapy in Gilbert, Arizona, continue reading.

Do I Need Focused Shock Wave Therapy?

diabetesDo I need focused shock wave therapy? It’s a serious question that many overweight men ask themselves when they can’t get or keep an erection. According to the most recommended Gilbert sexual performance therapy service provider, obesity can be related to many significant factors.

Some of these elevated sexual performance treatment factors may include:

  • Diabetes
  • Endothelial dysfunction
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Vascular disease
  • Lower testosterone levels

All of the above can be closely tied to erectile dysfunction and Gilbert sexual performance therapy is one of the best solutions for men in Arizona.

How Does Being Overweight Effect Sexual Performance?

erectile dysfunction and overweightOne of the first things that comes to mind for overweight men is the appearance of their naked body in front of their sexual partner; therefore, causing self-esteem issues and making them afraid to experience sex. Another reason is low testosterone levels as they often show up in test results of overweight patients.

There are many reasons why overweight men have lower testosterone and are at a higher risk for shock wave therapy in Gilbert. One of these is the increase of insulin resistance that oftentimes is a major contributor for weight gain. This can decrease testosterone levels and even type 2 diabetes.

Being overweight also affects about seven percent of type 1 diabetic men. Leading to hyperinsulinemia and resistance as opposed to inadequately controlled blood sugar levels. Further, fat cells called adipocytes contain naturally occurring enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen.

Overweight and Sexual Performance Treatment

Being overweight can come with many issues for self-cautious men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It can cause an excess of the adipose tissue, namely visceral fat that promotes pro-inflammatory changes that encourages endothelial dysfunction and makes insulin dysfunction worse and increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Gilbert sexual performance therapy can help with the changes caused by adipocytokines, proinflammatory molecules that are produced by having too many fat cells in the human body. Adipocytokines change the endothelial function and promote many vascular disorders including clot formation and hypertension.

Additionally, these molecules greatly increase the risks of fatty liver disease and cancers. Proper endothelial function is vital for a variety of vascular functions and Gilbert sexual performance therapy is where most overweight mennn in Arizona find expert advise and solutions that work for erictile dysfunction.

Does Losing Weight Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

improve sexual performanceSince the damaging effects of excess body fat can make some men feel damning, there is still hope out there. Most research found online today suggests that weight loss for men can greatly improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. With that said, other studies suggest that men who can lose 10% BMI, have improved sexual performance.

One of the easiest things that men can do to lose weight is to cut their portions down and commit to some type of daily activity such as walking or even yardwork can help and for those who may need professional help losing weight and erectile dysfunction treatment services, they can try acoustic wave therapy.

Where to Find the Best Gilbert Sexual Performance Therapy?

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