Erectile dysfunction treatment

Focused Shockwave Therapy for ED

Focused Shockwave Therapy for ED You’ve probably heard those radio commercials touting the effectiveness of focused shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED). And like anything you hear advertised on the radio, it’s fair to have a little bit of skepticism. But what is this treatment, and can it work for you?  What is Focused Shockwave? […]

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Erectile Dysfunction Clinics

For men experiencing erectile dysfunction, life can seem pretty dissatisfying. Confidence, mood, and relationships can suffer. Luckily, there are many options for treatment, ranging from minimally invasive to more permanent. As the field of research and pharmacology continues to develop to treat erectile dysfunction, more so-called erectile dysfunction clinics are popping up. But are they

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overweight impact on erectile dysfunction

The Impact of Being Overweight and Erectile Dysfunction

There are many things that can impact men as they age with erectile dysfunction, especially middle-aged men. With more and more men becoming more sexally active as they age, sexual performance is always at the forefront. Many men ask themselves, do I need focused shock wave therapy? Since there are several contributing factors to erectile

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