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Symptoms of Low Testosterone and When You Should Get Your Level Checked

Testosterone (T) is a hormone that is responsible for various body functions. This hormone is primarily associated with masculinity, even though it is also found in ladies. Too much T in women can be a problem and insufficient T in men can also be a problem.

In men, the testicles are responsible for making testosterone while in women, it is the ovaries. Both men and women have recommended levels of testosterone depending on their age. In men, for instance, the levels of T start dropping at the rate of 2% annually after the age of 30. Some symptoms of low T are common in older men.

One of the major problems a person may experience includes erectile dysfunction and low testosterone mood swings. Keep on reading to learn more about testosterone level fluctuations, tests, and possible treatment options offered by the best TRT clinic in Gilbert AZ.

Low Testosterone Explained

T hormones levelLow testosterone can be explained as a lack of sufficient T hormones to facilitate all the functions supported by testosterone. Normally, testosterone in men should be between 300 and 1000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). In women, the levels should range between 15 and 70 ng/dL.

It is also normal for people to have T-level changes throughout life. As these changes happen, a person may start suffering from some of the symptoms or conditions brought about by low T. Taking a low testosterone test is the only sure way of determining if a person is suffering from low T.

The main symptoms associated with low testosterone in men are:

  • Body hair loss or lack of hair
  • Low muscle strength and mass
  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction

While men with low T notice a reduction in these traits, women with high testosterone may notice an increase in these traits as well. Women with high T may grow body hair and have higher muscle mass than other women.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

low testosterone symptomsAs mentioned, for men, the problem is mostly low testosterone rather than excess. While there are some men who may experience high T levels, it is usually not as a big problem to them as those who lack sufficient T. Men who lack sufficient hormones can go for low testosterone treatment.

Even before going for the low testosterone test, you can detect if you are suffering from low T by looking at some symptoms. At Limitless TRT and Aesthetics, we advise those who experience low T symptoms, should get checked as quickly as possible.

The main low T symptoms that should be of concern are:

  • Decreased Sex Drive: This is one of the symptoms that should be taken seriously. Low sex drive is often caused by lack of sufficient T but can also be caused by other underlying conditions.
  • Inability to Achieve an Erection: The signs of low T may also include erectile dysfunction. This refers to a situation where a person is completely unable to have a sustainable erection.
  • Inability to Conceive a Child: Women who are suffering from low T may have problems with conception.
    Overall tiredness: The other sign you want to look out for is tiredness and fatigue.

These signs and symptoms should act as red flags that should drive anyone to seek medical help before the situation gets out of hand.

Symptoms of High Testosterone

High testosterone symptomsOn the other hand, those suffering from high testosterone may also experience certain hormones. High testosterone in women is probably the opposite of low testosterone in men. At our TRT clinic in Gilbert, AZ, we offer options for both men and women who suffer from such conditions.

Women who suffer from high testosterone levels may experience masculinity traits such as the growth of facial hair, deep voice, and decreased breast size. In some cases, too much testosterone in women may cause acne.

In women, high T levels are caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This condition makes it difficult for the patients to get pregnant. Therefore, it’s necessary to monitor the occurrence of these symptoms and try to find help where possible.

When To Get Tested for T Levels?

It is time to get tested for low or high T levels once you spot most of the above symptoms. When someone visits our TRT clinic in Gilbert, AZ, we start the diagnosis by asking questions that may help us determine whether a person suffers from low T. If we find out that a person has the symptoms, we do a test.

Since Low T levels can be an indication of chronic conditions, we ensure that we look at other possible underlying conditions. Those who want low testosterone explained to them are given the necessary information before further steps such as blood tests and treatments are taken.

In some situations, there might be T-level deficiencies in young adults. The signs of abnormal testosterone in girls and boys can be quite extreme. In girls, too much testosterone may result in a condition known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). In boys, the effects of high T may include a large penis or abnormal genitalia.

How T Levels Are Tested

blood test for T levelsThere are two main ways of testing testosterone levels. You may either opt for the blood test, usually conducted at a health facility, or a saliva test. If a person wants to take a blood test, they must visit a facility that offers tests such as the TRT clinic in Gilbert, AZ.

Whether testing for low testosterone in men or high T in ladies, it is important for you to avoid substances that alter T levels in the body. Substances that may alter the natural T levels in the body include steroids, barbiturates, anticonvulsants, and androgen therapies.

In the case of saliva tests, individuals can purchase the tasting kits and perform the test at home. Although saliva tests are commonly used and provide a convenient alternative, some health experts say that they may fail to provide accurate results. It is therefore advisable to also send samples to a lab for testing.

Possible Testosterone Deficiency Treatment Options

If a person realizes that they are suffering from T deficiency, the only way out is to try and use the available treatment options. Our TRT clinic in Gilbert, AZ, offers several treatment options that may be of help. Most of the available treatment options have low testosterone, users understand the reasons.

Below are the recommended treatments for low testosterone explained:

Testosterone Supplements

The FDA has recently approved supplements that can be used to improve testosterone levels. The supplements can be taken as pills, although they are also available in other forms. When the supplements are taken, they boost the available T in the body, helping patients overcome some of the negative effects.

Testosterone Pellet Implants

This is another option that is available to those suffering from low T. As the name suggests, implants are used to help your body generate sufficient testosterone. The implant option is a good choice for those who lack the discipline of using supplements on a regular basis.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

low testosterone replacement therapy The best and one of the oldest ways of treating testosterone imbalances is with a process known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT is administered as a skin patch, injection, or a topical gel. These procedures are vital in helping the body replace the missing testosterone.

TRT is very common because of the results it is proven to offer. It works for both men and women and is among the best options when it comes to the treatment of different types of testosterone conditions. Even so, this type of treatment may come with some side effects that patients should know.

Potential Side effects of TRT

When you visit Limitless with a request to have a TRT, we take several steps to ensure that you know what you are getting into. First, we must test your blood to be sure that you need treatment. Second, we must outline the positives and negatives of what you are about to engage in.

Below are the main side effects of TRT that you must watch out for:

  • Sleep apnea and other sleep-related conditions such as insomnia
  • Acne and other skin conditions in women
  • Possibility of blood clots

These side effects may occur to some people but are rare in most cases. The doctor administering the therapy should provide sufficient information to help the patient make the right decision.

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