Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal in Gilbert Arizona

Erase Unwanted Tattoos with Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo that needs to go? Luckily, body art doesn’t have to be permanent! At Limitless TRT & Aesthetics in Gilbert, AZ, we offer Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal using the advanced PicoSure laser system. If you have an unwanted or poorly done tattoo, our state-of-the-art technology can help you erase it effectively and safely.

How It Works

The PicoSure laser is considered the gold standard in laser tattoo removal. Unlike traditional lasers that use heat to break down tattoo ink, PicoSure utilizes ultra-short picosecond pulses to shatter the ink particles with pressure. This pressure-based mechanism creates less heat, reducing the risk of skin damage and allowing for faster ink clearance. The body’s natural processes then eliminate the shattered ink particles, gradually fading the tattoo.

Because the process is so safe and effective, it can be used to remove even previously treated tattoos. And you’ll see results with fewer treatments – about half as many treatments as traditional tattoo removal – while experiencing a quicker recovery. 


Before undergoing Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal, you’ll have a thorough consultation with our specialists. During this consultation, we will evaluate your tattoo, skin type, and medical history to create a personalized treatment plan. 

To prepare for your session, it is advised to:

  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning for at least two weeks prior to treatment.

  • Refrain from using self-tanning products.

  • Ensure the tattooed area is clean and free of lotions or creams on the day of your appointment.

During the Procedure

The Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal procedure is relatively quick, with session lengths varying depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. During the treatment, you might feel a sensation similar to snapping a rubber band against your skin. To enhance comfort, a topical anesthetic can be applied before the procedure.

The PicoSure laser emits ultra-short pulses that target the tattoo ink without harming the surrounding skin. Each session focuses on breaking down more ink particles, progressively fading the tattoo.


Recovery from Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal is typically smooth and straightforward. Immediately after the procedure, you may experience redness, swelling, or a sensation similar to a mild sunburn in the treated area. These side effects usually subside within a few hours to a couple of days.

After-Care Instructions

Proper after-care is crucial to ensure optimal results and minimize the risk of complications. Our specialists will provide detailed after-care instructions, which generally include:

  • Keeping the treated area clean and dry.

  • Applying a prescribed ointment to aid healing.

  • Avoiding direct sun exposure and using sunscreen on the treated area.

  • Refraining from picking or scratching the treated skin.

  • Wearing loose clothing to prevent irritation.

Following these guidelines will help your skin heal properly and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

How Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal Differs from Other Methods

Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal offers several advantages over traditional tattoo removal methods:

  • Faster Results: The PicoSure laser’s advanced technology allows for quicker ink clearance, often requiring fewer sessions than traditional lasers.

  • Less Discomfort: The pressure-based mechanism generates less heat, reducing the discomfort and potential skin damage associated with traditional laser treatments.

  • Versatility: PicoSure is effective on a wide range of ink colors and skin types, making it a versatile choice for various tattoo removal needs.

  • Reduced Risk: The precision of the PicoSure laser minimizes the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation, providing a safer treatment option.

Frequently Asked Questions


The cost of Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal varies depending on the size, color, and complexity of the tattoo and the number of sessions required. During your consultation, we will provide a detailed cost estimate tailored to your specific needs. The national average for Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal is about $450 to $500 per session. 

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

The number of treatments needed depends on several factors, including the tattoo’s size, color, location, and ink depth. 

Professional tattoo artists deposit ink deeper into the skin to enhance the longevity and integrity of the tattoo, making professional tattoos more challenging to remove. Conversely, “street” tattoos are typically easier to remove and may require fewer treatments. Tattoo ink colors containing titanium are more resistant to removal and may require additional sessions to achieve noticeable fading. 

Most tattoos require 3 to 5 sessions for complete removal, while more stubborn cases may take 6 to 10 sessions for complete removal. Tattoo removal treatments can typically be scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks, with most cases requiring at least 6 sessions for effective results. During your consultation, our specialists will assess your tattoo and give you an estimated number of treatments and a cost breakdown.

Will It Hurt?

The sensation experienced during Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal is often compared to snapping a rubber band against the skin. While some discomfort is to be expected, it is generally well-tolerated. For added comfort, a topical anesthetic can be applied before the procedure. Afterward, the skin will likely feel tight and a bit tender. There is no downtime!

Which Colors Are Easier or Harder to Remove?

Tattoo ink colors respond differently to laser treatments. Generally, black and dark blue inks are the easiest to remove, as they absorb the laser energy more effectively. Lighter colors, such as green, yellow, and fluorescent inks, can be more challenging to treat and may require additional sessions for complete removal.

Will This Work if I’ve Already Tried Other Tattoo Removal Procedures Unsuccessfully?

Yes, Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal can be effective even if previous tattoo removal methods have not yielded satisfactory results. The advanced technology of the PicoSure laser can target stubborn ink particles that other lasers might miss, offering a higher likelihood of successful removal. 

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At Limitless TRT & Aesthetics, we are committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals with the most advanced and effective treatments available. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how Pico-Laser Tattoo Removal can help you erase unwanted tattoos and restore your skin’s natural beauty.

Tattoo Removal Information

Lasers are the most common method of tattoo removal performed today. Tattoos consist of thousands of particles of tattoo ink suspended in the skin. The normal human immune system typically removes small foreign particles from the skin. Tattoo ink particles are too big to be removed by this system and are thus considered permanent. The use of lasers helps to break up these particles into smaller pieces that can be removed by the immune system.

Laser treatments work by targeting the ink particles in the skin with highly concentrated light waves that heat up the ink particles and cause them to fragment into smaller particles that are able to be cleared away by the body’s immune system.

Complete removal of a tattoo is usually not accomplished in one laser treatment session. Laser tattoo removal typically requires more than one treatment to reduce the size of the ink particles and make it easier for them to be dispersed by the immune system.

Depending on the tattoo design, size and color, it may take 1-10 laser sessions to remove the ink. Some colors of ink are harder to remove than others and may not be able to be completely removed. There should be a six-week time period between each laser session to allow the wounds to heal and the body to absorb as much of the ink as is possible.

Laser tattoo removal is somewhat painful. Many patients describe it as like having a heavy rubber band snapped against the skin repeatedly. Topical skin numbing medications can be used. Most of the time laser tattoo removal is tolerated very well.


Laser Tattoo Removal Pretreatment Instructions

  • Sun exposure, including tanning beds and the application of sunless tanning products, must be avoided for 2 weeks prior and after the treatment, preferably 4 weeks. Sun exposure, tanning, and sunless tanning products decrease the effectiveness of the laser treatment and increase the chance of post-treatment complications.

  • Area to be treated must be clean, and free of any lotion, makeup, and sunscreen. If you have any of these on, they must be completely washed off prior to treatment.

  • Accutane and any other photosensitizing medication should be discontinued for a period of at least 6 months prior to receiving treatment and should not be used during your course of treatment.

  • Waxing and/or the use of chemical depilatories must be avoided in the treatment area for 2 weeks before and after the treatment to avoid skin sensitivity. Shaving is allowed before treatment to remove surface hair in the areas to be treated.

  • You may not be pregnant for any treatment.

  • During the course of your treatments, notify our staff of any changes to your medical history, health status, or personal activities that may be relevant to your treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Post Care

  • Immediately following treatment, there may be erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) at the treatment site. This typically lasts 2 hours or longer. The erythema may last up to 10 days. The treatment area may feel like a sunburn for a few hours after the treatment, but it will subside.

  • Apply ice as needed, on and off for the next 24 hrs.

  • Do not tan the area. Avoid sun exposure to avoid hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation. Please apply sunscreen to the area starting 24 hrs after your treatment, even if it’s covered by clothing. Sun will travel through your clothing. The use of sunscreen everyday on the area will also help the ink absorb and help with itching. We recommend sun screens with at least 30 SPF.

  • Some scabbing, light bleeding and itching may occur.

  • Do not pop blisters. If you blister, apply Aquaphor until the blisters pop on their own.

  • When bathing or showering, use lukewarm water for the first 24 hrs and treat your skin gently.

  • No heat, such saunas, steam room, Jacuzzis, extremely hot showers or strenuous activities. Avoid prolonged heat for a minimum of 24 hours post treatment.

  • It takes 2 weeks for your body to absorb whatever amount of ink that has been broken up in this treatment.

  • It will take multiple treatments before you begin to see a difference.

  • If you have any changes in your health or medications, please let your laser technician know.

  • Please call if experiencing any s/s of infection.

  • Drink a lot of water.

Remember – not all tattoos will clear 100%. Your tattoo may just fade.

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