Hormones and ED
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Hormones and Their Role in ED

Hormones are deemed responsible for regulating different functions in the human system. They work coherently to keep the body functioning optimally. One such essential hormone that plays a significant role in men is testosterone. Unlike estrogen in a woman’s body, male testosterone is responsible for bringing out manly features. 

It means testosterone helps in the overall development of sexual features in men, sperm production, and building muscle as well as bone mass in the system. Usually, the production of this hormone is traced back to the men’s testicles but the levels of it are always regulated by the pituitary glands and hypothalamus. 

However, as men grow older, there is a natural decrease in testosterone production which leads to several unwanted symptoms including erectile dysfunction. It is such a condition that incapacitates a man to perform any sexual activity or intercourse. ED can either be a total inability or an inconsistency for an extended period of time. 

How Do You Know if You Have ED?

While there are many symptoms that can lead men to believe that they have erectile dysfunction, one of the best ways to know for sure is to make an appointment to come in and see one of our highly-trained experts at Limitless TRT and Aesthetics and gain the most from our services that are exclusive to ED and proper treatment solutions. Below are three symptoms that indicate you may have ED:

Two reasons why men may experience ED:

  • When testosterone level decreases, there are a lot of symptoms that men start to experience including anxiety, loss of bone or muscle mass, weight gain, and more. Nevertheless, the primary symptom that often men notice is sexual dysfunction or a loss of sexual drive, creating a problem for men who want to enjoy a sexual experience.
  • Erectile dysfunction is the worst symptom of testosterone deficiency which completely makes a man incapable of performing any sexual activity. Apart from testosterone, there are other contributing factors to ED such as high levels of cortisol in the system, too much prolactin being secreted from the pituitary, and underactive thyroid hormones, etc. 

What Are the Treatment Options for ED?

There are non-medical and medical treatments available for erectile dysfunction. However, here at Limitless TRT and Aesthetics, we offer testosterone replacement therapy or also known as androgen replacement therapy primarily to treat hormonal imbalance and its symptoms like erectile dysfunction. Our TRT therapy can reverse the hypogonadism effects in older men and promote vitality and youth in them. If you have an extremely low level of testosterone, then boosting it with our TRT treatment services can instantly bring your energy back to normal as well as restore your sexual drive. 

How Can You Take TRT Treatment? 

There are various ways in which our TRT treatment can be utilized. You can either choose patches, gels, injections, or subcutaneous pellets to boost your testosterone level without undergoing any medical surgery. Generally, patches and gels are the easiest to apply that can be used once a day to get optimum results. Other than that TRT injections are usually given two to ten weeks apart. Injections are one of the inexpensive options as compared to other options available but it will take time to see the results. Regardless of the treatment options you choose, we promise to get you back to the normal life that you have been missing. 

How Can We Help?

Here at Limitless TRT and Aesthetics LLC, we offer testosterone replacement therapy to boost not only your testosterone level but also the lost confidence in yourself. We understand how sexual life plays a crucial role in maintaining an overall healthy and balanced life. However, due to age, men start to lose their hormonal balance. 

The primary way to know whether you have a testosterone deficiency or not is by testing and it should always be done by medical professionals. Our professional TRT service is always available to keep your hormones in balance so that you can enjoy a healthy sexual experience. 

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services for erectile dysfunction and treatment solutions, call us today or fill out our online contact form for more information. We are always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about ED and treatment options.

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