High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy
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HIFEM in Gilbert Az

High Intensity Electric Pulse To Remove Fat And Build Muscle

With most sculpting treatments, to goal is simply to wipe out some of the fat in the area to change the shape of the body. That can certainly be effective, but HIFEM goes about things a little bit differently. By both targeting fat and helping to build muscle, the results that this treatment can produce are impressive, to say the least. 

HIFEM treatment is certainly not only for women, so men who are interested in this service should contact Limitless today to learn more.

HIFEM Basics

You don’t need to know every detail of how this treatment works to benefit from its capabilities but having a basic understanding of its methods may make you feel more comfortable. Where Cryolipolysis eliminates some of your fat cells by freezing them to death, there is another type of technology employed by HIFEM. 

In this case, it’s electromagnetic energy that is focused on the targeted area. That energy causes the muscles to contract rapidly – think of it as the most intense, rapid workout you could ever perform (in fact, you couldn’t get your muscles to respond this way with a traditional workout). The result is muscles that need to rebuild themselves, which helps burn fat away at the same time. While you won’t have to do any physical work during the treatment, and it is non-invasive, you may feel like you’ve done a difficult workout after the session is finished. 



Targeting the Right Areas

For men who are interested in HIFEM treatment, it is likely the belly area that will be first on the agenda. This is the part of the body that most men would like to shape, although that will vary from patient to patient. You can work together with us to determine which areas of your body would be good targets for HIFEM. 

You’ve worked hard to shape your body, and you are so close to reaching your goals. Turn the corner toward the end of your body shaping journey by leaning on HIFEM’s impressive technology for help. Men in the Phoenix area can contact Limitless right away to schedule their first appointment.

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