Testosterone Decline

Andropause – The Male Menopause

Are you suddenly waking up in the morning feeling fatigued, irritable, and experiencing a loss of libido? Whether you’ve reached middle age or are still a relatively young man, you may start noticing that you’re finding it challenging to concentrate on your work, experiencing frequent mood swings, or perhaps seeing a decrease in muscle mass. 

All these symptoms might sound similar to those that women experience in menopause, but they are actually more common in men during andropause, also known as “the male menopause.” While this term might be new to many, it is increasingly becoming a common health condition experienced by men of various ages. 

For the uninitiated, andropause is a condition where men experience a significant decline in their testosterone levels. Although it most often occurs in men aged 40 to 60, some men as young as in their 20s and 30s have already become familiar with the symptoms of andropause. To learn more about treatment solutions for testosterone, let’s keep reading.

What’s the Truth About Testosterone?

As men age, their testosterone levels naturally decline. This decline can happen any time from age 30 onward and negatively affects men’s overall health. It is crucial to learn the truth about testosterone to understand andropause and its associated effects clearly. Testosterone is vital in helping men maintain their energy levels, bone density, sex drive, muscle mass, and much more.

However, as testosterone starts declining, it leads to the onset of andropause, gradually paving a path toward numerous psychological and physical changes. This health condition often brings with it symptoms like erectile and sexual dysfunction, male infertility, increased body fat, frequent physical weakness bouts, etc. 

Fortunately, doctors can treat andropause and reverse negative symptoms. Men diagnosed with andropause can turn to our testosterone replacement therapy services for oral medications, injections, or any other treatment method to overcome this condition. 

Causes of Gradual Testosterone Decline

Although there are professional testosterone treatments in Gilbert, AZ, not everyone understands when they need treatment. If you’re unsure of how to identify whether you need treatment solutions for testosterone, Limitless TRT & Aesthetics can help you make the right decision.

Testosterone in men can decline for numerous reasons; however, the following are the most common:

Medical Conditions

Certain health conditions, like obesity, hormonal disorders, diabetes, etc., can actively contribute to andropause or reduced testosterone levels. Only a personalized consultation with a physician or a provider of testosterone replacement therapy can identify the exact medical conditions responsible for andropause and treat them accordingly.

Aging and Normal Hormonal Shifts

Even if a man is healthy, his testosterone levels can begin declining with age. Men will typically start experiencing testosterone decline starting in their 30s; however, some men will also experience this in their 20s. Men experiencing andropause because of normal hormonal shifts or aging can utilize our testosterone replacement therapy in Gilbert, AZ, to overcome this imbalance.     

Lifestyle Factors

Andropause can become chronic in men with unhealthy lifestyles. Factors like a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, etc., can contribute to declining testosterone. Men looking for erectile dysfunction solutions caused by andropause can visit Gilbert testosterone treatment providers for treatment and tips to get on the right track toward healthier living.

Identify the Symptoms of Male Andropause

While the symptoms can sound daunting, men can find relief from andropause if they seek timely treatment from experienced professionals. To identify whether you’d benefit from testosterone replacement therapy services or other treatment methods, consider if you’re experiencing any of the following physical and psychological symptoms:

Recognizing Psychological Symptoms

Depression, decreased motivation, mood swings, trouble concentrating, and irritability are common psychological symptoms associated with andropause. Seeking our expert testosterone treatment in Gilbert, AZ can be a smart option to address these symptoms.

Recognizing Physical Symptoms

Reduced libido, fatigue, difficulty maintaining or achieving erections, decreased muscle mass, and increased body fat are common physical symptoms that men may experience because of andropause. If these symptoms have started affecting your everyday work and relationships, contacting our Gilbert testosterone treatment providers can help you start feeling like yourself again.

Severe Mood Swings and Tempers

Much like females and menopause, men can also experience severe mood swings and flaring tempers when suffering from andropause. If you notice that you are getting upset at small things that never used to bother you or yelling at your spouse and children more and more, you could be experiencing male menopause.

Rapid and Sudden Changes in Diet

Living with andropause can create rapid and sudden changes in your diet, from overeating to barely eating at all. Such diet changes can cause fluctuations in your testosterone and metabolism, leading to excessive weight loss or gain. When you consult with Limitless TRT & Aesthetics, our providers help you understand the connection between diet and andropause in more detail.

Restless Sleep and Insomnia

Many times, andropause can be a hidden reason why men are experiencing restless sleep and insomnia. With the proper treatment solutions and the right advice, you can overcome male menopause symptoms. However, if you feel the need to continue taking over-the-counter sleep aids, you may want to consult with your primary healthcare provider for solutions for improved rest.

Whether you’re seeking erectile dysfunction solutions to improve your sex life or want to get rid of all andropause symptoms to improve the overall quality of life, seeking the proper treatment from reliable and experienced professionals is crucial. You don’t have to suffer from andropause when there are viable solutions.

Contact the Best Testosterone Therapy Gilbert, AZ, Has to Offer Today!

Also known as testosterone deficiency, hypogonadism, or Low T, andropause hugely impacts a man’s quality of life and overall well-being. Because it can impact many aspects of life, healthcare experts recommend treating this condition at the earliest onset of symptoms. At Limitless TRT & Aesthetics, we have helped many men improve their quality of life by alleviating their andropause symptoms. 

Don’t overlook andropause, as it can significantly influence your psychological and physical health. Now that you know how testosterone deficiency leads to andropause, it’s time to contact the best providers to improve your health.  Our testosterone replacement therapy in Gilbert, AZ, can help you regain your vitality and zest for life. 

If you have any questions about the testosterone replacement therapy services offered by our professional team of experts, contact us today. We will be happy to assist you throughout the treatment process to overcome the symptoms of andropause – the male menopause.

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